18 maj 2008


At registration (to anitablom@telia.com), we need to know the following:
  • Name
  • Full address
  • Email address
  • Arrival and departure day (if possible, also time)
  • Choice of excursion (see below)
  • Single/double room (name of room mate)
Note: The main language will be in Swedish, but we can try to organize translation if we know your language in time.


We have managed to have three fantastic, professional speakers, who all have a relation to stuttering:

Preliminary Program

Friday 22/8:

  • Gathering in the city at the 'Paddan' boats. (Map on Paddan's website). If you don't want to go to the hotel first, you can leave your luggage at the train station lockers.
    13.00 Sightseeing boat tour with ‘Paddan’ (Be in time. The boat will be.)
  • To the hotel, check in
  • 15.00 Coffee
  • 15.30 Opening
  • 16.00-18.00 Paul van der Vliet (see workshops)
  • 18.00 Time for relaxation and get to know each other
  • 19.00 Swedish 'smörgåsbord'
  • 21.00 How to dance ‘bugg’ (Swedish dance) and Social activities Do show us your local dance!

Saturday 23/8:

  • Breakfast
  • 09.00-12.00 Ulf von Corswant (see workshops)
  • 10.15-10.45 Coffee
  • 12.00 Lunch
  • 13.00 Excursions (state what excursion you want to join at registration):
    1) Gunnebo castle
    2) pentathlon
    3) free time in the city
  • 18.00 ELSA Annual Meeting and Nordic chair meeting at the hotel
  • 18.00 QiGong
  • 20.00 Dinner
  • Dancing, with games and fun activities by the attendees (please bring your games, songs and other fun activities and tell us before dinner, so that we can plan the evening)

Sunday 24/8:

  • Breakfast
  • 09.00-12.00 Kjell Albin Abrahamsson (see workshops)
  • 10.15-10.45 Coffee
  • 12.00 ”Open mike” and closing
  • 13.00 Lunch
  • Departure

    Please check this site regularly for the latest information.

Note: Special activities and registration fees for young people and children when enough attendants, so do state your age when you're under 19.

Travel information:

You can fly to Gothenburg Landvetter, GOT or Gothenburg City Airport, GSE.

Price/flight examples:
Checked 13 Feb:
Fri 22nd Aug 09:20 - 12:20
Mon 25th Aug 16:35 - 17:40
Plus another flight later in the day.
£113 all inc.

Ryanair Stanstead - GOT
Three flights a day, currently costing £51 return all inc!! One flight option is as below....
07:00 - 09:55
15:30 - 16:20

City Airline Birmingham - GOT
09:00 - 11:50
£221 all inc.

Manchester - GOT
08:55 - 11:45
Two flights a day, the above one is a good time

For airport buses and trains: see link section on the left

First announcement

Welcome to the Nordic Stuttering Seminar, 22-24 August 2008, in Gothenburg, Sweden, Hotel Panorama!

In 2008 it’s Sweden’s turn to organize the annual Nordic Stuttering Seminar. The theme is “See and be” or “Be seen and heard”. To get the help, understanding and attention we need and to combat the myths and lack of knowledge about stuttering we have to show we exist. And that’s not so easy in today’s society, where so many call for attention.

The Nordic seminar is open not only to delegates from Nordic countries, but also to those from the Baltics and other non-Scandinavian countries. The main language will be in Swedish, but we can try to organize translation if we know your language in time. The seminar is for those of you who stutter, are relatives, work with stuttering, or are interested in stuttering for other reason.

We need to learn more about how the media works, how we ourselves can become better speakers to make people listen, and how we can increase our membership to become a stronger voice.

There will be a mixture of workshops on media, presentation techniques, and theatre/body language, but also creative activities such as dancing, games and outdoor activities. The seminar will also have a Swedish theme, with historical outings and a Swedish “smorgasbord”!

We also plan activities for young people and children, with special workshops, outings etc. If you’re under 20 years old there is a reduced registration fee, so please state your age if you’re under 20.

Seminar fee, incl. food, accommodation and outings:

2000 SEK for adults,
1500 SEK for young people 13-19 and
1000 SEK for children under 13.

- Registration after 15 June is non refundable and subject to availability
- Please coordinate your payments to avoid bank transferral costs

Gothenburg and its surroundings have a lot to offer, so grasp the opportunity to see this cultural city and the beautiful West Coast and don’t forget to buy a Gothenburg package with lots of special offers on accommodation, sightseeing, shopping etc if you would like to extend your stay.

Do check this website at regular intervals for updated information.

See you in Gothenburg!

Anita S. Blom
Chair Swedish Stuttering Association

Kjell Albin Abrahamsson

Kjell Albin Abrahamson (born in 1945) is one of Sweden's most experienced foreign correspondents. He is currently working in Warsaw as the senior correspondent for the Swedish National Radio and the daily newspaper Sydsvenskan. Abrahamson has been stationed in Moscow, Vienna (covering the Balkans) and Warsaw and is the author of eight books on Central and Eastern Europe. He is the recipient of several prestigious journalism and literary-awards.

Kjell Albin is a person who stutters and will talk about his life and profession while carrying his stutter with him. He will also talk about how to catch the media attention.

Ulf von Corswant

Ulf von Corswant works with the brains function, focusing on fears, phobias and anxiety. At the Nordic seminar he will talk about self confidence and speaking in public by reprogramming the mindset.

Paul van der Vliet

Public speaking is a competence with many ingredients. First you need courage, then you need to express yourself correctly and finally you need to use both voice and body in an inspiring way. Paul teaches people the art of public speaking. He has lots of tips and training sessions both for those who suffer from destructive nervoursness and for experienced pros who wish to further improve or uphold their ability. Paul does this by means of efficient training courses, catching seminars and specialised individual coaching. He is said to be a motivating teacher and inspiring speaker whose primary objective is to make people believe in themselves and their own ability.
More about Paul van der Vliet: http://www.speechtracker.net/en/start.htm
Speaking tips: http://www.toastmasters.se/speakingtips.htm